June 04, 2013

Finding AOT object by its propery

Finding AOT object by its propery

In Dynamics AX we can find all the AOT objects by specifying some property. Lets say we want to find all the tables in AOT having "SaveDataPerCompany" property set to No.
We can use the following x++ job
The X++ job below shows how to find all tables in the AOT where the SaveDataPerCompany property is set to No.

static void findAOTObjectByProperty(Args _args)
TreeNode treeNodeTables = TreeNode::findNode(#TablesPath);
TreeNode treeNode;
str strPropertyName = 'SaveDataPerCompany';
str strPropertyValue = 'No';
// first table
treeNode = treeNodeTables.AOTfirstChild();
while (treeNode != null)
if (treeNode.AOTgetProperty(strPropertyName)== strPropertyValue)
// next table
treeNode = treeNode.AOTnextSibling();

You can search other property by modify below line of code
 "treeNode.AOTgetProperty(strPropertyName)== strPropertyValue"


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