June 08, 2013

Generate Next Number Sequence by x++ code

Generate Next Number Sequence by x++ code

When we create a new record from user interface(by using Forms) number sequence handles automatically by system. But Some time we need to assign a number sequence by code, like we create numbers of records by code and in this case we have to take care of number sequence. 
Here a job to create next number from a number sequence by x++ code.

static void theaxapta_Nextnumseq(Args _args)
         NumberSeq num;
DiscountTable  _DiscountTable; //Table Buffer
           num = NumberSeq::newGetNum(HrmParameters::numRefJournalNum()); // Parameters Table
_DiscountTable.NextNumseq = num.num(); // Next NumberSeq generated
          num.used(); // Mark the Number as Used

//The other Way is by using EDT

static void testnumseq(Args _args)
     theaxaptaEDT   _
theaxaptaEDT   ;
     ExtendedTypeId id = TypeID2ExtendedTypeId(TypeId(theaxaptaEDT));//EDT NAME
     NumberSeq num = NumberSeq::newGetNum(NumberSequenceReference::find(id));
_theaxaptaEDT.NextNumseq = num.num();//NEXT NUM SEQ
     num.used(); // mark the number as used
     info(num.num()); // NEXT NUM SEQ


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