May 07, 2024

[Solved]Update script for service model: DevToolsService on machine

Hi Folks, 

I was recently updating my Build server with 10.0.39 version and encountered below error

Error: Update script for service model: DevToolsService on machine: <VM Name> 

Solution: Navigate to Service Volume drive  > DeployablePackages here find the latest folder (sort by date) and than find the file as showed in below image. 

Right click on this file and select Run in powershell. It may take few seconds only. Once finished, come back to LCS and resume the update. This should work now. 

Still not fixed...... ???

Ok that's quite strange if its still not working but possible. In this case download the entire deployable package from LCS to VM and run this scrip from this folder. On successful run try to resume, this should work. 

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