April 12, 2024

QuickFix: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: proxy" in DIXF

Problem: After creating a new data entity and refreshing the entity list, the new entity doesn’t appear in DIXF data entity list. Interestingly, no errors are encountered when compiling the project. However, the following error message was received when trying to add the data entity in list manually. 

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: proxy

Possible Reason: While building your project or solution exclusively, your code may not exhibit any issues. However, inspect the output window messages in Visual Studio to identify any error messages originating from objects not included in your code.

Proposed Solution: Attempt to build the entire model and rectify any errors. Upon successful build, perform a database synchronization and try again. You should then be able to view new entities after refreshing or manually add them to the list.

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