March 03, 2013

How to find your object in AOT projects

How to find your object in AOT projects

This is a small but precious tool for AX developing.
Have you ever tried to find in which projects your objects are included? Yes, I have... Not so easy to search and look into each project.
Now, it is just a question of one click: this mighty LC Project Search will make the life easier. And good news, it is free. So, profit and enjoy!
There are three xpo-files with appropriate versions for AX 4.0, 2009, and 2012. (I have tested 2009 one). You can import it, then launch with the menu item, and this is ready to go.

Just type the name of any object you're looking for, optionally, you can choose the type of it, then press Search. Be patient, it takes some time to populate the result table.

Now, all projects contain the object are here.

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