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X++ Code to Find and Remove The Duplicate Objects in AOT

 X++ Code to Find and Remove The Duplicate Objects in AOT

Please Note following cautions before proceeding....

BackUp of Application:-

Setup a new instance and Copied the var.aod files (Or other layer where your customization exist) from production instance and restored the DB with live DB.

Use the following code to delete the identical copy.

static void theAxapta_FindAndDeleteIdenticalObjects(Args _args)
SysTreeNode comparable1, comparable2;
TreeNode curLevelTreeNode, upperLevelTreeNode;
UtilIdElements utilElements, joinUtilElements;
while select UtilElements
where UtilElements.utilLevel == UtilEntryLevel::var &&
UtilElements.recordType == UtilElementType::Form ||
Utilelements.recordType == UtilElementType::Report ||
Utilelements.recordType == UtilElementType::Table ||
Utilelements.recordType == UtilElementType::Class ||
Utilelements.recordType == UtilElementType::Enum ||
Utilelements.recordType == UtilElementType::ExtendedType
//Should use join if for a normal table, but not applicable for UtilElements
//Performance hit if use exists join
select firstonly recid from joinUtilElements
where joinUtilElements.utilLevel != UtilElements.utilLevel && == &&
joinUtilElements.recordType == UtilElements.recordType;
if (joinUtilElements.RecId)

curLevelTreeNode = SysTreeNode::findNodeInLayer(UtilElements.recordType,, UtilElements.parentId, UtilElements.utilLevel);
upperLevelTreeNode = SysTreeNode::getLayeredNode(curLevelTreenode, 1);
comparable1 = SysTreeNode::newTreeNode(curLevelTreeNode);
comparable2 = SysTreeNode::newTreeNode(upperLevelTreeNode);
if (SysCompare::silentCompare(comparable1, comparable2))
info(strFmt("Element name: %1, Element type: %2",, enum2str(UtilElements.recordType)));
//Remove the node


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