October 28, 2018

How to get list of installed Packages/Model/Hotfix

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Let's see how to get details on installed packages and their model and metadata hotfix detail on an environment (non-production in case of hotfix details). There are different way available to get these list. I will show you simpler one for the quick purpose, at the end of post I will share few links with some PowerShell stuff (really cool) to get more detail around the same.
1. Installed Packages and respective model with version number

Open your application and click on gear icon > About

Expand the node ‘Loaded package and their model’, you will get the list to see installed packages and further drilling will give to respective model and version details.

2.Installed metadata hotfix, (Click here to check how to install metadata hotfix)

To get this list go back to your DEV box VM and open Visual Studio as admin. Go to Dynamics 365 menu > Addins > Apply hotfix

This will open a new window, select ‘View Installed Hotfixes’ tab


Here module refers to Packages while Model is same as std Model in a Package. Smile

Here are few more helpful posts

1.. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/axsupport/2016/09/07/find-which-hot-fixes-kbs-you-have-installed-in-microsoft-dynamics-ax/

2. http://yetanotherdynamicsaxblog.blogspot.com/2018/01/list-hotfixes-using-powershell-in.html


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