February 08, 2019

How to get QueryRange from Query object X++

Hi Folks,

This post is about how to get QueryRange from a query object in x++ code. This is very useful when you have to pass a query on another object and perform a certain operation based on this query and its ranges.

To understand this code sample better, let's take a scenario. On FormA I have to build a query (OR use AOT query) on run time based on certain ranges. When the user clicks on a button system will pass this query to FormB and on FormB we have to use this query and its ranges to perform other sets of operations.

Now let's see the code, which may need to write on Form B to take a query as a parameter and fetch the ranges and its values in code.

I hope this will help.

PS: My VM is down for some reason and I couldn't prove the code and have to write it manually so you might get some syntax issues in the above code.

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