February 01, 2019

[Solved] Error while generating vendor payment #MSDyn365FO

Hi Folks,

I was getting an error while generating a payment journal, thought accounts payable. Here are a quick summary and solution on the same. 

Error: While creating payment Journal and Click on Generate payments button system throwing below error
Generate payments Message details Cannot edit a record in Journal lines (LedgerJournalTransPayment_BR). The record has never been selected

Possible Reason:
It might be coming to a new environment where you never did a setup for payment method, that you are using in your journal.

1. Go to Methods of payment(Purchase Ledger /Accounts payable > Payment setup > Methods of payment). Select the method with you are using in your journal. Let's take Cheque for eg.
2.  GO to file format tab and check value under field ‘Export format’, which belongs to BR country-specific features.

Ideally, it should match the method of payment. But here its ‘Configurable layout file’ which is not a Cheque layout.

3. So now click on the Setup button and add Cheque in selected formats. Save it and close

4. Change to cheque

5. Now try to generate payment again, it should work.


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