March 18, 2024

Database log full causing Application Access issue

Hi Folks, 

Lately last day I put a 3rd party solution on my DEV box, and the build and synch were successful. But the next morning the application was not working and it was saying (with a 'Hmmm....' sound).

Interestingly, I was able to access VM and Visual stuido was working normally. All services were running fine including IIS. Tried with certificate rotation via LCS, but nothing on the Azure portal. 

(I have still didn't realized to check on event logs :) ) It was a very strange error, after spending a few min here and there, let's check on the events and it says something like the below

{"Class":17,"Number":9002,"State":2,"Message":"The transaction log for database 'AxDB' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP'.","ErrorCode":-2146232060,"Procedure":"","LineNumber":9,"Errors":[{"Class":17,"Number":9002,"State":2,"Message":"The transaction log for database 'AxDB' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP'.","Procedure":"","LineNumber":9,"Source":".Net SqlClient Data Provider"}],"ConnectionId":"<345234534523453>","Source":".Net SqlClient Data Provider"}
Machine: VM001-1

The Solution:

Check the MSSQL Logs drive and this must be full and running out of space. To fix this, 
1. Open SQL management Studio on VM and connect with the local server. 
2. Right-click on AXDB and select properties. Navigate to Options and set 'Recovery model' to simple.

3.  Now, right-click on ACDB, select Task > Shrik > File, and set the below values

4. Click ok and restart the WWW service, the issue should be resolved. 

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